Typical Khash (Nepali) Cuisine

Dal is a lentil soup and Bhat is rice but there are many other supplements as per season or available ingredients.

Main Included Dishes

Bhat is a rice which is the main course in Nepali food. There are some different quality rice for Bhat.

It is a lentil soup which is used to mix with Bhat and eat. Dal can have dirrerent verities with different beans as well as.

Tarkari is a vegetable. There are many ingredients to make seasonally.

Achar can be make from various ingredients as well as and they put vinegar and chilly as per their taste.

Generally Nepalese eat goat, chicken and buff meat (masu). It can be made gravy or fried.

Yogurt made from yak or buffalo milk.

Corn is a major crop in mountain in Nepal. They eat corn roasting, making rice and boiling as well as.

Dhindo can be cooked from wheat, millet and corn floor.

Salad: With seasonal fruits.

Rakshi (Whisky): Alcoholic drink from rice, millet or etc.