Newari Cuisine

They have their own typical cuisine. Newar people are very cultural and they have many verities of food accordingly.

Main Included Dishes

Kwati is cooked with mixed beans. This soup is specially cooked in a full moon day in August.

Choyla is a spicy and hot meat. They boil the meat and mix the spices.

MoMo cha: Dumpling which has meat inside and cooked with steam.

Achar (pickle) can be made with many varieties and it hot and sour.

Baji is beaten rice which is a used in many set dish in Newari cuisine.

Yomari is like a bird shape (dumpling) which contain sweet inside the rice floor. It is cooked with steam.

Newar make their own rice beer.

Buffalo, goat, chicken and dock is used to eat meet. There are wide variety of buffalo mean in Newari cuisine.

Bara is small bread (cake) with the mixed beans floor.

Chatamari is like a spicy pan cake with rice floor, meat, egg or etc.

Yela: This is a local whisky.

Kachila is Spiced minced meat.

Dhau: Yogurt is also important dish in Newari.