Madheshi cuisine

Madhesh is understood southern part of Nepal which borer to India. There are wide variety of meals in Madhesh as they grow many crops than in Himalaya and in hilly region. The major meals in Madhesh are as following.

Main Included Dishes

Chapati is a thin unleavened bread from wheat floor is much eaten meal.

Fish is a major food in the Mashesi cuisine. They get fish from river, pond and wetland

Rice is also major food in south. (rounds of thin unleavened bread)

Ghungi is a Snails soup. This is one of the best meals they like.

Samosa is made by boiled potato and pea mixed with some spices. Wrap from outside by flat roti and deep fried.

Seasonal and Green Veg: There are lot of seasonal vegetable in Madhesi cuisine. There is wide variety of vegetable in Madhesi cuisine.

Chatani (Pickle): Madhesi people like very much hot and sour pickle in their meal.

Meat: The source of meat is sheep, goat, water buffalo, chicken etc.

Lentil: There are many different types of lentil

Alcohol: The Madhesi used to drink in alcohol in festival and other special occasion. They make themselves at their hoarse.

Corn: Pop corn and also make rice from grinded corn,

Salad: There are varieties of fruits to make salad (cucumber, carrot, radish, papaya, banana etc