Himalayan (Tibetan) Cuisine

Nepal Himalaya is border to Tibet. The people, culture and also cuisine is influenced from Tibet. The potato, millet, buckwheat are the major food source in Himalayan region. Beside these the meat is the main food in high Himalaya. The main dishes are as following.

Main Included Dishes

Thukpa is a noodle soup which can be cooked with meat (Chicken, mutton or buff), vegetable or etc. You can add spices as per your taste.

Butter Tea is a very popular drink which use to welcome people, as soup or to keep hot and also it helps to supply the water to the body.

Potato is one of the main food in high mountain. They eat potato making a mass, as curry, or by boiling as well as. The potatoes are sweet and tasty from high mointain.

Champa is a barley floor. They mix yak butter and some sweet on it and eat as a breakfast or any meal. Butter champa is very famous meal in mountain trekkers.